Writing Challenge: Recurring Dialog

An easy (easier) way to write more words: recurring dialog.

I have a character with mommy issues who calls his mother every night, and the shape of the call is always the same – she berates him for calling too late/too early/too infrequently, she complains about something going wrong because he’s not home, she complains about his school (away from home), and she threatens to “simplify his life” by killing herself in some graphic way.

Every time I write a scene with this character I write a corresponding scene where he calls mommy that evening. I cut-n-paste an earlier phone call, then overwrite the pieces to fit what’s happened to him recently and how his reactions to his mother’s statements change as he develops. The biggest (and most fun!) challenge is to come up with new, imaginative ways for mommy to kill herself and heap the guilt on sonny.

Try it yourself!


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