Writing Challenge: Couch Potato

Here’s another photo writing prompt:

What is he doing? Write a story about this.

This photo of my cat, Charlie, was taken about 11 years ago when he first moved in with me. He’s having health problems now, so I’m thinking a lot about him. He gets to come home from the vet later today, after spending the night there. I expect he’ll be similarly sitting on the couch all day.


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7 Responses to Writing Challenge: Couch Potato

  1. Is Charlie’s last name, perhaps, Flammonde, like the man in this poem? http://www.daypoems.net/poems/1349.html

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  4. It worked! Success! 🙂

  5. paleololigo says:

    My response to this challenge will go live in the morning. I’m loving the responses so far!

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