Historic Rochester Writing Challenge:

Take an event from Rochester’s past and write a short historical fiction piece relating to it. It is easy to take for granted just how rich our local history is, from unearthing the potter’s field below the Lilac Festival grounds to the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign (The Boyd-Parker torture tree incident) or possibly:

The explosion of the flour factory on the Genesee at the High Falls

The Underground Railroad stop at the Maplewood Rose Garden (or any other site)

The town of Tryon at Indian Landing

The story of Murder Creek (Yeah it’s in Akron, but close enough.)

Little Beard’s Town (The Genesee Castle) / Sullivan-Clinton Campaign

The Civil War (Rochester General…)

Moving the Erie Canal to join the NY State Canal System in 1918

…Or any of the TONS of others (1964 Race Riots, The Fox Sisters and the Spiritualist Movement, Susan B. Anthony, The North Star…)

I have certainly contemplated many a novel based on these singular events!

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