Who Needs Sleep?

English: Students need sleep in order to study.

English: Students need sleep in order to study. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[This morning I was surprised to see the Writing Prompt: My Own Worst Enemy posted. That’s really a tough challenge, since in most cases (especially those associated with the illustration) the key difference is the character’s motivation, rather than whether one is right or left handed, for instance. In any event, this is the piece I came up with during lunch. As always, I hope you enjoy it!]

“Good morning!”

“Ungh. You are way too chipper for this early in the morning.”

“Yeah, well that’s because I got a good night’s sleep.”

“Well goody for you. Put a cork in it until after I’ve had some coffee.”

“So tell me, grumpy, what time’d you get to sleep?”

“I managed to miss Letterman’s Top Ten list.”

“Oh? And when did you get up?”

“Which time?”


“The first time was around one thirty. Then again about quarter after two. Then I slept all the way to four thirty. I managed to get back to sleep a little after six, and slept until about seven ten.”

“You have got to stop doing that! It’s not good for you.”

“Yeah, well I get some really good material from my dreams that way.”

“And you write them down, and add them to your daily writing tally, and then have to spend all evening editing them so they’re readable by the rest of the world.”

“So? What are you creating with all your bright-eyed wakefulness?”

“You may be creative, but my alertness allows me to evaluate, analyze, and argue. Your sleepy-eyed sloth doesn’t stand a chance against my agile wit and incisive mind.”

“Just let me get some coffee in me and I’ll stand up to you, bucko!”

“But for how long? As soon as the caffeine wears off you’ll crash and burn. I wouldn’t be surprised to find you asleep at your computer by two.”

“I’d rather take a nap than spend that time pushing numbers around on a spreadsheet.”

“Ah, but you know as well as I that those numbers are what could make the difference between a business that succeeds and an expensive flop.”

“It’s just too analytical, and not creative.”

“Not creative? Coming up with a way for your writing to pay our bills isn’t creative? You have a pretty narrow definition of creativity!”

“But it’s so boring! Tweaking marketing plans. Reviewing social media strategies. Evaluating distribution channels. Bo-ring!”

“Like you don’t do things you’d rather not? What about that last writing challenge? Did you really want to write about that?”

“Hey! It worked out ok, once I got into it. One of my characters started speaking to me, and out came the story.”

“Well, the same thing happens with my spreadsheets. I may prefer to be doing something else, but once I get into it and the numbers start talking to me, it just flows.”

“Pretty sad, aren’t we?”

“Yeah. We need to go out, or something.”

“I can’t. Every time I even think of going out, I fall asleep.”


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