Aura Bit: Meet Navitas and Res Rei

This is an excerpt from a chapter from Ordon’s PoV (You haven’t met him yet.)

But it was a great way to introduce Navitas and Res Rei from a PoV that wasn’t Materia, because they met in very odd circumstances.


“Res Rei, Navitas,” [Materia] called into the wooden door, “there are some guests here I’d like you to meet.”

In return, all we heard was a dull groan. Upon a second knock, a girl opened the door. She looked to be about ten years of age, and Teran, by her ears, with a wild, dark mess of hair and a ruffled blue nightgown. She looked up at us with sleep in her eyes.

Materia pouted. “Where’s your sister?”

A muffled groan escaped from the dark room.

“You two should be awake already; it’s well past dawn.”

“Father,” the girl began, “We don’t have classes today.”

“So we’re sleeping past noon!” added the second girl unseen.

Materia sighed. “Well if you’re not up to it, you don’t have to meet my colleagues. I’m heading out to a festival now, I’ll be back in a few days.”

There was a rustling, followed by a loud thump, and the erratic patter of footsteps. The second girl emerged. She was most definitely Agran, judging by her bright yellow hair, even more bed-ridden than the first’s. A veritable fountain of drool clung to the side of her face, and her eyes were above tired bags but bright with excitement.

“You’re leaving? Where?”

“To Unity, Navitas,” Materia answered, “for the festival of the Five.”

“Bring us with you!”

Materia shook his head. “As I understand it, you each have some independent study work to finish before Karo’s-day. Isn’t that right, Res Rei?”

The first girl nodded slowly. The second glared at her with all the fury that could be mustered by someone so small. I swore I saw heat emanating off of her arms, but I might’ve been imagining it. “But Materiaaa, we never get to leave this stupid tree!”

He smiled and kissed Navitas on the forehead. “I’ll tell you what: When I return, I’ll get Agnus to let you both miss a few days of class and we’ll all go on a special trip. I have a couple ideas in mind. But for now, you both should stay here and get your work done. I should be back by Psen’s-day at the latest, and I want you both to have your work completed for the week, or we can’t go.”

She groaned. “Fine,” she said, before turning on a heel and stomping back into the dark room. I heard her throw herself back onto the bed.

Materia turned to Res Rei. “Would you like to meet some of the other Keepers?”

She squinted and yawned in the negative before walking back into the room herself, shutting the door.


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