Aura Excerpt

Hey guys sorry I’m like addicted to posting stuff as I go, but I really enjoyed writing this scene.



“Please open your books to page ten,” Arianna said, in her usual drone. The room filled with the sound of twenty kids flipping open the pages of their gigantic books. I just slouched my shoulders and sighed.

“Navitas,” Arianna called in her high pitched tone that I’d already grown to hate. “Did you forget your book?”

My leather-bound copy of The History of Aura sat on the ground right next to me. The stupid book was bigger than my head; there was no way she didn’t see it. As I dragged it onto my desk, I wondered if sarcasm was flammable.

“That’s better, now open to page ten.”

I flipped the cover open and found the page. Page ten. I’d been in the class for over a whole week already and we hadn’t read past page ten. I was gonna be an old lady before we got out of here…

“Now, refresh my memory,” she said, as if she didn’t know, “what are the three subclasses of Tera?”

Derryl, some doofus Aquarian kid stuck his head to his book and his hand in the air. “The three sub…subdivisions of Tera are Geos, Aquos, and Aeros.”

Arianna pursed her lips. “And can anyone tell me what that means without reading directly from your book?”

You’re the one who made us open our books you long-eared freak, I thought.

Another kid raised her hand and was called on. “All Auras have three domains. For Tera these are Earth, Sea, and Sky.”

“Very good. But not all Auras have three, Lanaya.” She looked at me with eyebrows raised—that awful look that meant she was going to call on me. “Navitas, what are the domains of Agra?”

I looked to the side and mumbled “I don’t know…”

“But surely you must. Materia assured me when you enrolled that you were quite the experienced Agran, for your age. You’ve certainly got the attitude to show for it.”

The class laughed. I felt heat building inside of me. I tried to contain it, to let it slowly drain out of me, begging it not to ignite at that very moment. Materia had been training me to control my Agra. “It’s not safe to blow fire and lightning around every time you get upset,” he’d said. I took a deep breath, trying to keep it all in.

“I’ll give you one more chance. What are the subclasses of Agra?”

I exhaled. “Fire and Lightning.”

“Close. They are Thermos and Magnos; Heat and Electricity, respectively.”

Same thing, you dunce.

“See, class, Agra has only two subclasses under it. In fact, it is the only Aura without three.”

There were murmurs and whispers going around the room. I forced myself not to hear them, tried to think about something else. When class was over I’d finally calmed myself down.

“Hey, two-thirds!”

I take that back.

“You know,” said Querrin, a tall, pale girl with long ears and longer hair, “it all makes sense now. I’d always heard my dad talking about those two-thirds savages. Says they can barely hold a sword right, let alone read. That might explain a lot.”

I blew out hard through my nostrils. I felt the tickle of flame in front of my lips before I turned around. “Knock it off, Querrin.”

“I mean, really. I know your dad is the Philosopher, but who was your mom? I bet she was dumber than a tree slug.”

I clenched my fists, feeling the sweet burn on my skin. I desperately wanted to ignite. But just for good measure, I added “I mean it, back off.”

She just laughed. “Or what, you’ll fight me? As if a two-thirds can hold their own against a Teran. I’d leave you so bruised even your dad wouldn’t recognize you.”

That was all I needed. I pounced on her, and before we made it to the ground, my entire body was ablaze. The sound of my fists slamming her face repeatedly was more satisfying than thunder. After a few moments, I felt someone trying to pull me off her. As a farewell gift, I reached down and made sure to light all her hair on fire.

As the academy guards dragged me off down the hall I saw Querrin on the ground crying, and a crowd around her putting out the fire and trying to help her up. I grinned wider than a crescent moon.


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