July Camp NaNoWriMo – A Bite of the Apple

My project for this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo is a novella – a 25,000 word rewrite of Snow White. Not terribly original, I know, but it was a last-minute decision, so letting the Brothers Grimm come up with plot and character outlines for me isn’t cheating, but rather a more efficient use of my time. That’s right – it’s not cheating, but efficiency! In order to have some originality (and to expand a little three-page story to 25,000 words) I’m making a few minor changes. For example, my story starts in New York, and takes place in modern times. I’ve had to come up with some place to hide a tiny European country (I found some mountains on the border between Austria and Slovenia) and I’ve given the King a bigger role than in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. For starters. I’m posting chapters on my own First Draft Fiction blog as I write them, but to simplify things here is the current Table of Contents. I’ll try to update this throughout the month as more scenes are written. I hope you enjoy it!

A Bite of the Apple – Table of Contents:

More to come!


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