Writing Challenge: Snapple Real Facts

snapple_capSo I’m sitting down to my usual morning kick-off – Diet Snapple and a donut – and pondering what to write about today. Should I try making up some new Pinky and the Brain “Are you pondering what I’m pondering” quotes? Or perhaps see how many tongue twisters I can remember and write down? Or maybe do some “serious” character development work?

While I pondered weak and weary … I opened up the Snapple and looked inside the cap, like I always do. I like their “real facts” even though they aren’t always really factual – they offer something different to think about. And then it hit me – that’s what I should write about!

So here’s today’s Writing Challenge: use a Snapple “real fact” to inspire a piece. You can write about the fact, refute it, use words from it, whatever. Just look inside and write!

In order to keep your costs down, you can find random “real facts” here on Snapple’s Real Facts page. (You can access the whole list there, too, but that takes the randomness out of it, don’t you think?)


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