Relationships: Author and Editor — Part 2: A Few Pointers…Keeping the Author/Editor relationship alive and kicking!

1. Keep things professional. Have a good working relationship, with the understanding that the quality, end product of the work is the ultimate goal. No room for petty ego struggles here! Keep your mind clear and focused. Never hesitate to ask questions, or to defend your thoughts.

2. Professional friendship. If the relationship becomes more than professional, agree with your editor to compartmentalize and keep separate the friendship from the working relationship. When the working relationship of author/editor gets personal, this can be a great tool for sharpening and honing your writing skills. But, conflict over writing style, character development, and plot can be wounding and feel like a personal slight. The key is to keep communication open and ongoing. You can choose to make the friendship work well together with the professional relationship, but if you struggle in maintaining the boundaries, keep the two separate.

3. Ask questions. If you don’t understand an editing comment or a change your editor has made, ask! Don’t just let something go because you don’t want to deal with it.

4. Thank you notes are not overrated. When your work has been published, and you have the final product in your hands (or on your preferred E-book reader), a short email thanking your editor is a great way to bring closure to the project. It also keeps open the potential for future working arrangements. Ending on a friendly note goes a long way in the publishing business.


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Melanie Ann Billings is the Acquisitions Editor for Whiskey Creek Press, LLC. A graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College with a degree in English and Communication, Ms. Billings has been with Whiskey Creek Press for eight years. WCP ( is based out of Wyoming but operated by staff located all over the world. As an author, Ms. Billings has published two works of poetry: Climbing The Mountain and Whispers...Poetry that breaks the silence. Both titles are available at in E-book and POD format.
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