Bring on the storms!

It’s hot. I’m way behind on my novel writing. So what do I do? Post a nostalgia poem about a mid-summer hail storm! Also posted at a RADical view.

Does anyone else have any heat-free weather-inspired pieces to share?

The Great Hail Storm of ’86

crystalline pebbles
fly through the air
tiny summer snowballs
so dense they
against the window

outside it’s cold
for an August afternoon
so cold
I get to wear my
new red sweatpants
still fuzzy
on the inside

together we run
out the door
onto the porch
our white plastic cups in hand
cups that were gifted
by the King
cups adorned
with colorful murals of
He-Man and She-Ra

we hold out our vessels
to capture the weather
until our cups run over
back inside
place our treasures
in the freezer
we know
they will turn into

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1 Response to Bring on the storms!

  1. The winds whipped viciously around my face as I tried to hold the ship steady. The rain and seawater were piling on top of Lady Marguerite, threatening to topple her over. But by my hand, she would not tip. It was dark out–a pitch black storm over the seas of the Atlantic–and nothing but the sheer determination that I would once again see daylight sparkle down across the caressing waves. We were probably eight days to home. Eight days until land. Eight days until I would see her once again.

    Lightning clashed and thunder and waves rolled above and below. I couldn’t feel any of my limbs, but I had an icy grip on the wheel while the storm threatened to kill my one chance home.

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