A Promised Snippet

As I promised, I would provide a scene with my newly discovered characters for my new story. I’m not sure if this scene will actually be in my story, but I guess we’ll see. Just so you know, the point of view is from one of my main characters, Pebble, who is more of an intelligent, outcast slacker, my second character of experience.

Here goes:

“Can’t you see it, Pebble?” he wondered, waving towards the mountains. “You have a chain of volcanoes right here and no one has ever even fathomed capturing it? One day these babies are going to blow up and then they’ll be gone.”

I stared at him. What was so important about the mountains? I just didn’t see it.

“Come on, Xander. And mind the humanoid language, would you? Sometimes I swear you’re speaking gibberish.” Volcanoes–those were clearly steam mountains. I guess on his planet they meant the same thing.

“Believe me, man. This is weird enough as it is, me ending up here. And it’s not like you’ve ever heard of Ansel Adams,” he muttered before turning to use his black piece of metal, flashing brilliant lights at the steam mountains–as he would say, photographing. His exuberance for it was astounding.

“I mean, how can you not see the magnificence of these things? The streaks of dirt and grass down towering mountains that hold nothing but potential, beautiful destruction within them. I can just see the energy building up inside, waiting for it’s release, waiting to shoot a light out into space, noting the whole universe of your existence. Man, how awesome would it be to be here when they erupt?”

I just shook my head and walked away. Sometimes, I wonder if following destiny is surely worth the impending torture of his idiocy.

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