How to Write Haiku or Senryu (Video)

Here’s a fun and easy method for writing haiku or senryu, which is similar in structure to haiku, but is usually about human nature, and is often humorous or satiric. There’s no need to worry about following the rules exactly–that can come after you’ve written a few using this method. The poem I wrote in this video is one sentence, while haiku typically is broken up into two or three separate parts, but that’s OK! We’re just practicing and getting our minds around the basics of haiku. Anyone can do it! If you write a haiku or senryu, post it in the comments!


About Rebecca McKeown

Rebecca McKeown grew up in a small western New York college town, which has inspired many of her fictional settings. A horror junkie, McKeown creates stories about normal people thrown into very abnormal situations.
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