Redo Writing Challenge: The Last Straw

(Kurt noticed earlier today that, while his response to my writing prompt was still on the blog, the prompt itself had vanished.  Unfortunately, I did not seem to save it anywhere – bad author, not saving her work, I know, sorry – so here’s an attempt to replicate the prompt.  I know it won’t be exactly the same, but oh well).

beetleEach day, as I make my way to work, I drive past a certain plaza.  In said plaza, there is a car – a bright orange Volkswagen Beetle – whose owner obviously works in one of the various establishments the plaza provides.  This in itself is rather unremarkable, but there is a very specific aspect that distinguishes it from the other cars in the lot and causes a deep, intense feeling of irritation in me: it refuses to park properly in its selected spot.  Rather, the owner chooses to park it diagonally…blocking up to three spaces for one tiny, typically unnoticeable vehicle.

With that in mind, I issue the following challenge: write a brief story dealing with either a personal pet peeve you have or one that might affect your character.  He or she could be attempting to deal with the anger towards the peeve, a general reaction that occurs when the peeve occurs, or whatever you can think of.  The options are only bound by how many things both us each and every day.  🙂

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I am a mid-twenties woman attempting to fulfill my creative need through writing. Check back here often to see what I'm working on!
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