Writing Challenge: Charlie

(Last one, I believe!  This one’s from Penny’s image challenge, and is very short and ridiculous.  A lot of the basis of this comes from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb, so that should give you an idea of where this is going 🙂 )

Charlie strolled languidly into the living room, intent upon his typical resting place.  As it always did, the plush cushion of the couch lovingly beckoned him forward, and he was more than willing to oblige.  He gracefully mounted the furniture, nearly sighing to himself as he lay back against the  well-worn padding.  Closing his eyes in contented pleasure, he jolted slightly when the remote shifted against him, rocked downward by gravity and his presence.  Favoring it with a rare, cat-like equivalent of a smirk, he reached a paw forward to prod at the buttons, copying the motions he’d seen his people do thousands of times before.

He flipped from channel to channel, his long tail swinging leisurely before him as he sought something interesting to pass his infrequent free afternoon.  His ears pricked forward as he stopped at some form of cartoon, his attention caught by a snail meowing, of all things.  Pulling back his paw to observe the snail’s potential, he settled himself on his back, lounging in a position his human companions favored while they intently watched the moving box.  He’d discovered over the years the value of such an arrangement and silently thanked them for the visual suggestion, though he’d never admit to it even if they could understand his language.

The room remained silent aside from the words of the television and Charlie’s slight purring.  He enjoyed moments such as these, all responsibility pushed aside for the moment to provide a calm serenity to fall over him.  He gradually allowed his body to relax, tension releasing from his limbs to cause his various sore appendages to loosen and slump into the couch.  He was on the verge of sleep when an all too familiar voice interrupted him, pulling his attention back toward the television.

“Agent C!  Dr. Blaufussmann is at it again!”

The screen flickered, providing him with a picture of his supervisor sternly watching his relaxed pose, unibrow raised slightly in intrigued irritation.  The cat answered him in kind, his own expression one of derisive reluctance.  They stared one another down, silently challenging to see whose plan would prevail.  Eventually Charlie sighed, reaching into the couch for the brown fedora hidden in its depths and placing it upon his fluffy head.  Spongebob could wait; he had a tri-state area to save.

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