Inanimate Object Writing Prompt

I have a writing prompt for y’all! It’s a short prompt that could lead to anything. Ready?

Write in the point of view of an inanimate object. Any inanimate object. That you own, that you don’t own, whatever. Imagine it’s alive. Imagine it has thoughts and feelings. What are they?

I did this once. It was to write -about- an inanimate object. It turned into me considering group therapy for my vacuum cleaner. It was fantastic. So…have at it! Enjoy!

About Laitie

Originally an Education major, I am trained in teaching others to read and write. I would love an opportunity to constructively critique others as well as allow others to critique me. I am fully aware that my writing isn't quite fantastic, yet, and I need as much feedback as I can get! I love sharing my knowledge, and will never hesitate to do so when asked.
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  1. Here is a story I read yesterday that certainly fills the bill, and is an excellent story, too. No, I didn’t write it, but I do recommend you read it.

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