Writing Challenge: Ethical Failures

Encyclopedia of Ethical FailureOk, Kiddies! Today’s writing challenge involves a little reading, but don’t worry! I’ve included a link to all the research material you need!

Every year or so the U.S. Department of Defense publishes a little gem called the Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure. From the introduction: “The Standards of Conduct Office of the Department of Defense General Counsel’s Office has assembled the following selection of cases of ethical failure for use as a training tool. Our goal is to provide DoD personnel with real examples of Federal employees who have intentionally or unwittingly violated the standards of conduct. Some cases are humorous, some sad, and all are real. Some will anger you as a Federal employee and some will anger you as an American taxpayer.”

Most of these stories are only a paragraph long, and I haven’t seen one more than a page. Topics include:

  • Abuse of Position
  • Bribery
  • Credit Card Abuse
  • Fraud
  • Gambling and Other Contest Violations
  • Gift Violations
  • Misuse of Government Resources and Personnel
  • Travel Violations

And many more! (The document is over 150 pages, so you bet there’s more!)

Your challenge is to use one (or more!) of these violations as the basis for your own story. Perhaps you want to look inside the head of the perpertrator to explain why he or she might have done it. Perhaps your point of view is that of the victim, or maybe the intrepid investigator who uncovers the crime!

No matter what you write, you can claim “Based on a true story!” and have this document to back it up!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Write on and prosper!

(Please note that the linked document is a Word document at http://www.dod.mil/dodgc/defense_ethics/dod_oge/eef_complete_2012.doc Coming from a government agency, it should be free from viruses and safe to download. Thanks to Marketplace.org for leading me to this!)


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