What Do You Do With a Journal?

I just bought myself a new, nice, soft-leather journal. I knew that I needed a new place or a new start in the way that I write–try something different, you know? See if anything comes out.

But as I sat down with my pen and my journal, I thought: what should I write?

I always knew from movies and media and such that journals contained some form of story, whether it was a daily log of reality or an artist’s sporadic thoughts, but I never really considered what would be done with it.

What do you do with a journal? I asked myself.

Since then, I have simply stared at it like a puzzle until a light bulb went on.

If you ever buy a journal with the intent to write in it, but you don’t know what to write or what to do with your journal, ask yourself this: who cares? It’s your journal. You can do whatever you want with it! You can write or scribble or doodle or even throw it in a pit of fire. If you don’t know what to do with it, then why did you buy it? And you shouldn’t base what you write in your journal on what media says should be written in there. It’s not Brendan Fraser’s journal. It’s not Albert Einstein’s journal. Its yours!

So just do whatever you want with it! Me? I ended up starting to doodle scenery and writing words that I wanted as snippets of my imagination. Who knows, perhaps my journal will be an ancient artifact on enclosed display in a global museum after I pass away.

By the way, please don’t throw your new journal in a pit of fire. It could be valuable some day and that’s just a waste of money and paper.


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2 Responses to What Do You Do With a Journal?

  1. Julian Butcher says:

    The first thing I did with a journal I got recently (AKA two months ago) was write for a page about an isolated cabin where I could imagine myself writing for whatever span of time I needed to whenever I was using the notebook. That was fun in itself, and it gave me something to read if I needed to get in the zone.

  2. noahcoffey says:

    that’s a good thing to do, julian. Maybe I should try it.

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