Another Maybe Scene

Here’s another possible scene from my story:

I stared at the camera, twisting it around in my palms. Xander was asleep cold. He didn’t even hear it when I dropped my shoes next to his face. One even bounced off his arm. He didn’t startle or groan–nothing but snore. We had been walking, looking for that symbol for two days already. It wouldn’t be long until he would need another fix of water. I rolled my eyes at that. My kind didn’t need water–at least not sufficient amounts of it. We could touch anything that humans considered hot and to us it felt normal. I don’t burn at all. Although there are actual stories that anything cold will kill us.

I flipped through the images that his camera had, even though I had seen them with my own eyes. There were the trees back in my town, and buildings in towns we passed by; there were the chains of trees rooted in Desert 304, and the mountain-volcanoes we passed earlier in the day. I saw pictures he’d showed me from Earth–of him and Eddie. I swear it was like looking in my reflection slate, except I was wearing what Xander called a “jersey.”

As I was flipping through the pictures of Earth, I noted something in one of them. Xander and a woman were standing in front of a large mass of water falling over something invisible. They were standing on a railed-off raft in slick blue shawls of plastic, dripping wet, which would have killed me. Yet in the picture, through the falling water streams, I saw something barely glowing yellow. At first I thought it was our symbol implying that we needed to get to Earth to find the next one, but then I realized that the dot was on the wrong side of the triangle.

I stared at it, puzzled. Clearly it meant something. I mean he was standing in front of the Earth-replica of Cascade 7.

Xander moaned, waking up in a slow motion. I looked at our sky lightening up. I had lost track of time. Certainly not the first time I’d done it. Certainly not the last time I would either. Xander stared at me, glared at his camera, then mumbled an inaudible, incoherent statement. Typical.

“I’m afraid to find your doppelgänger,” I muttered, setting his camera down.

“What? Do you want to know Earth so badly that you stole my camera?” he moaned, turning over on to his back.

“Actually, I found a symbol in one of the pictures, but it’s not the same.”

“Really?” Xander’s eyes snapped open and pegged him with a curious look.

“Yeah, it’s a mirror image of the one here, which means that our next destination is Cascade 7.”

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