Writing Challenge: Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Writing

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A friend of mine woke up in a stormy, unpleasant, foul mood today. I suggested she read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to cheer herself up.

This reminded me of an episode of The West Wing that I saw recently in which the two Communications Directors are working on a speech and one of them reminds the other that he’s just used three adjectives in a row that say the same thing.

Why not? Why not use multiple adjectives that say the same thing?

Well, because it makes for bad writing, that’s why. Your readers stop taking you seriously when you do it — just look at Alexander.

BUT… One of your characters can do it! Let the character looks stupid, while you’re being clever dreaming up all this silly dialog for them!

This brings us to today’s challenge: Write some dialog featuring a character who uses pontifical, grandiose, supercilious, and pompous (all synonyms!) language when speaking to others, saying things three or more times when only once would do.

I’m especially interested to see how your other characters react. Have fun!

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