Writing Challenge: Wait, Where Are We…?

I am an enormous fan of forcing fictional characters into the most awkward and confusing situations as possible.  If one of them dislikes large groups of people, he shall be forced to attend every ball I can fit in.  If one of them has trouble speaking in front of others, she gets to give a speech…twice.  If a pair of them would just like a few minutes alone to confess their love, they will have the entire country barging in on them to inform them that aliens are taking over the planet.  Whatever needs to be done to make them absolutely uncomfortable is instantly what they will have to encounter.

One of my favorite ways of doing this is to put characters from one type of story (say, science fiction) and dump them into another world (I’m thinking a nice mid-Victorian historical will do nicely) and see what they come up with.  So, vaguely, that’s my challenge for you today – take characters from one of your stories and place them into another of your stories, ideally one that is a completely different or possibly baffling type of universe than they are used to, and blow their minds.  You know those Austenian characters you have prancing about in Bath?  Make them go to modern day Tokyo to help out Godzilla.  That star fleet of army trained specialists about to go take on an enormous legion of daleks?  They’d have all sorts of fun assisting some wizarding teenagers destroy an evil dark lord.  As long as the universe is somewhere completely new and unknown, that’s all that really matters.  Extra points if they get the chance to interact with characters from the world they are in.

I look forward to the fruits of your labors, friends.  🙂

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I am a mid-twenties woman attempting to fulfill my creative need through writing. Check back here often to see what I'm working on!
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