Scarlet Fuchsia

This is a poem I wrote for my college class. I’m not sure if it’s any good or not. So if any of you are poets, take it apart and let me know what you think. Some of you know a little bit about this poem. But I’m not going to give any more background for the sake of letting the poem stand for itself. WordPress doesn’t like to do the line breaks that I want, so I put dashes where there’s supposed to be empty space. *Deep breath.* Here goes…

Scarlet Fuchsia

The lines of red on the page
bleeding through to soak my arms
my hair
my eyes

The boar at her torugh
speaking the words of the hawk
as the hen tries to hide
her missing crimson feathers

It refuses to hold
the Pinot Noir
but it so helpless
the cracked old wine glass

And as the flames
rage on and on
the wood will look the other way
until Saturn’s waters

Wash it all away

About Laitie

Originally an Education major, I am trained in teaching others to read and write. I would love an opportunity to constructively critique others as well as allow others to critique me. I am fully aware that my writing isn't quite fantastic, yet, and I need as much feedback as I can get! I love sharing my knowledge, and will never hesitate to do so when asked.
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  1. Laitie,
    I cleaned up the line breaks for you. However, being as this is poetry, I wasn’t certain if you wanted to use the word “torugh” (which I don’t know) or “trough”, so I left that unchanged.

    Your Blog Admin.

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