So it’s about that time again! The time where we all stare at the NaNoWriMo website, stare at our stats pages just waiting to start the 50k count down. Or maybe that’s just something I do.

I’ve already worked out an idea with my editor/best friend and she will help me every step of the way despite how crazy she thinks I am. I mean, between school, two jobs, volunteering at the Rochester Read-a-Thon and the EquiCenter, and catching up on Doctor Who before the special in late November, how the hell am I going to write a book?

Well, I haven’t been in worse situations but I guess I’m some sort of self-inflicting masochist.

Yet I’m getting antsy, and we still have a whole month to go before the impending test and challenge arrives. Why can’t it already be Halloween?


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2 Responses to Preparation

  1. I hope you realize a good Halloween haul can stock you up with all the sugary junk food you will need to fuel your novel through the month of NaNo. Is your costume ready? 😀

  2. Yeah, it’s how dead and inhuman I’m going to look on December 1st! LOL

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