Scene Starter #15

Two deaf people are walking down a crowded street, signing to each other and laughing hysterically, all without making a sound.

Sometimes your writing gets stuck. Let this scene starter be a little push to get things rolling so when you get to the bottom of the page the words are flowing freely.

Your objective is to write a scene inspired by the lines above. You can share it in the comments here, or post it to your own blog. If you post it on your own blog please include a link back here so we can all read it.

Most of all, have fun!


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3 Responses to Scene Starter #15

  1. Um…can I just ask a quick question, from being around Deafies a lot? When you say ‘without making a sound’ are you including the hysterical laughter in that? Deafies laugh just like anyone else, lol Which means to a hearie, they are making a sound, even if they can’t hear themselves. In addition, Deafies will actually make a lot of sounds outside of laughing – for example, some will talk while signing, some will stamp their feet, they bang tables to get each other’s attention, etc. Just because they have hearing loss doesn’t mean they don’t make sounds to those who can hear them.

    And on that note, most people are not completely deaf. They do exist, but those who call themselves Deaf may actually have some hearing, even if mostly what they can hear is background noises and not so much people’s voices.

    I know it’s a scene starter and up to people’s interpretation, just thought I’d share some information because I have a lot of exposure to Deaf people. 🙂

  2. How much sound you have your characters actually make is up to you. I like exaggeration, so I’d have them be completely silent, as if they were a troupe of mimes. Perhaps the other characters in the scene are confused about whether they are actually deaf or just pretending. Or perhaps there’s a hearing person who feels left out of the conversation by being surrounded by people all signing away (flipping the situation that many deaf people find themselves in).

    This is just a suggestion to stimulate your imagination. Start writing, and see where your Muse takes you!

    • Hah! That situation where everyone is signing and the hearing person feels left out happens every week at 10pm here during No Voice Zone. It’s quite an eye-opener to watch hearing people communicate only in ASL for an hour (but they cheat and talk when they think no one cares) and realize that I actually know more signs than most hearing folks, though less signs than most Deaf people. It’s interesting because when I try to sign with someone hearing and they don’t know what I’m signing, I see an expression of frustration on their face that mirrors mine whenever I can’t understand.


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