Join Rochester’s DecNoWriMo

Because we can’t get enough writing after NaNoWriMo, RocNaNo presents its own December writing challenge.

We’re calling it DecNoWriMo. You have a choice of two tracks to follow:

TRACK 1 – Just write: Add 20k of fresh new words to whatever project you’re working on. Or start a new short story. Finish your NaNo novel. Just write. Why are you reading this? Write!

TRACK 2 – Alternate Vision of Rochester: With a partner or two (or maybe none, if you think other people are too weird), write a story that uses Rochester as a starter. Write 5-25k words on the story. We’ll try to compile these stories at the end of the month for some manner of published thingy.

We’ve had lots of great ideas bouncing around on the RocNaNo Facebook group, including:

  • Sticky Cheese scenario:  A group of women ( or men/ or both) stuck in a place like Chuck E Cheese (in Rochester) because of their children being friends/birthday. Many possible directions like: Saw the movie meets Chuck E Cheese, or that the children set it up for the parents, or the PTA uses it a a way to solve issues between parents.
  • What if Rochester had a freak lake effect blizzard and disappeared, was blown off the map? Maybe the Lady in White decided to take her revenge upon the entire city after falling in love with Jack Frost? Maybe the Bug Jar had been a enclosed experiment that somehow got loose onto the population? (Look up Bug Jar, Rochester if you don’t know what the place is)
  • Maybe an epic battle to save the world between the Mormons in Palmyra and the strippers from the barrel…. Which pageant will rule them all?
  • If anyone likes historical fiction – why not take a whack at alternative history: What if Eastman didn’t kill himself? What if Lake Ontario had become the 2nd Coney Island like it had been planned.
  • Canada decides to attack America…their weapon of choice? Boss Sauce, Garbage Plates, chicken wings etc. (Nonsense! Canada attacks with donuts, beer, and Canadian bacon! Rochester replies with Country Sweet, Garbage Plates, and Zweigles Hots.)
  • Rochester’s own War of the Roses – and Lilacs – pits Maplewood Park against Highland Park. The Civil War writ small. Cultivar against cultivar, with the gardeners trapped between. Will the aphids rule the day? Stonybrook and Letchworth are called to take sides’ yet who has the weapon that will win the war? Who has control of the cicadas? Are the rumors of the ash Beatles true? Is a tree genocide actually taking place? Why have the tulips remained silent? Who has allied with the tiger lillies?
  • The dragon sleeping behind High Falls wakes up after napping several centuries, and he’s hungry.
  • A Rochester NY / Rochester UK time-flip. I have two scenarios. In both, Rochester Castle from the UK winds up in the middle of the Genesee River, atop High Falls. In scenario one, the Genesee River appears in 13th century England, disrupting King John’s siege of the castle. In scenario two, the castle appears in Modern Rochester with its defenders, who pour hot oil over anyone who tries to approach. In either scenario, the besieged inhabitants have a problem: the castle in real life has no moat. Now it’s in the middle of a river. How do they get out? This can go serious (how to 13th century knights adapt to life in the city?) or funny (throwing chickens to make a bridge), and should give lots of story-telling options.
  • As long as Rochester is worked in there somewhere, it’s good. (To give credit where it is due, most of the above thoughts come from Monika Zelda Wasser-Palermo and Kurt Schweitzer.)

So, are you in? Join us! Tell us who you are and what you plan to do in the comments below!


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Scientist (Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geology); Writer (Speculative and Science Fiction, plus technical and non-technical Science); Mom to great boy on the Autism spectrum; possessor of too many hobbies.
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15 Responses to Join Rochester’s DecNoWriMo

  1. I am in. I’m planning to revise part of my Wizards War story, extracting some scenes that take place at the Lilac Festival and Hamlin Beach and working them into a stand-alone short story. It’ll be good! 😀

  2. Tirade says:

    I’m definitely at least doing track 1. I’ve still got a good 20,000 words or so to write on my novel, not to mention that I feel the need to rewrite some of the stuff that came out stilted and a little too plain because I was trying to force the writing to go fast. I’ve also got two serials that I put on hiatus for November that I’m picking up again, one silly little fan fiction, one an original spoof action/comedy/Christmas themed one that’s published on JukePop Serials.

  3. I am so in, I am just not sure if I’m going to do track 1 or track 2 yet. I might need a break from my November writings, so I’m leaning toward track 2.

  4. I’ll give it a shot. Don’t know what might come though. December is a busy month for me. I am going with something set in Rochester though.

  5. paleololigo says:

    Obviously, I’m in. I’m leaning heavily toward the Rochester Castle in the Genesee River. (That was my contribution to the idea stream.)

  6. Rebeka says:

    I’m in!

  7. Sean Sherman says:

    I’ll give it a shot too. I’m thinking about writing something set in 1944 when Rochester had a POW camp in Cobbs Hill Park. At least that is where the story will start, it’s going to end up getting a little weird since I’m in the mood to write and adventure story instead of drama.

  8. I want to do alternative vision of Rochester (or RIT, more likely.) I’m just not comfortable with doing it until I’ve gotten through end of the semester craziness.

  9. Rachel Dowling says:

    I’m in for Track 2! I’m planning something centered around Mt. Hope cemetery.

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  11. Grant Garnish says:

    I’ll be finishing up my NaNo novel, Firelight. I wonder how many more words that story contains?

  12. svaria says:

    I’m definitely in! Not sure what I’m writing but I am in!

  13. Laitie says:

    I’m in! Doing the Rochester thing!

  14. Shannon Miller says:

    I’m in! Definitely doing track two; may try to crunch something out for track 1.

  15. I’m hoovering 14k so I hope to be finished within the next few days

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