Wordless Wednesday #10

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Write a description, scene, or short story based upon the above photo. Link back to this post when you’re done, and/or publish your response in this blog.

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Scientist (Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geology); Writer (Speculative and Science Fiction, plus technical and non-technical Science); Mom to great boy on the Autism spectrum; possessor of too many hobbies.
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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday #10

  1. writerrick says:

    As the first trucks arrived, Steve noticed that one end of the house was full engulfed in flames. The other, it appeared, was still untouched. Strapping on his SCBA, the novice firefighter ignored the flames and raced toward the, as yet, untouched portion of the building. Maybe, just maybe, a still sleeping child lay in one of those rooms unaware of the present danger. As he ran he thought of his own ten year old daughter. Patty slept like a rock. The fires of hell wouldn’t wake her.

    Fifteen minutes later, a pajama clad girl of six spotted her frantic mother and leaped from his arms. As the two held each other, Steve’s eyes filled. His heart pounding, he once again knew he had chosen the right profession.

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