Monthly Publishing Challenge – December

moneybag[The Eight-Hour Self-publishing Challenge gave me the idea, so blame Joe Konrath for getting the whole thing started.]

Publishing is a lot like writing — to get good at it you have to practice, a lot!

Rather than waiting until your masterpiece is polished you should be publishing smaller works that you’re not so invested in. Doing this can help get the kinks out of your process, refine your abilities, and get some early feedback so that when you finally get around to publishing your masterpiece its success isn’t hampered by uncertainty of what to do to get the best results.

To this end we’re issuing the Monthly Publishing Challenge: Take something you’ve written (or write something new), proofread and edit it, whip together a cover, write a short sales description, and publish it as a eBook on Amazon. Do this before the end of the month.

When you have it for sale on Amazon write a blog post about your book and link back to this challenge so we can see who has accepted the challenge. This challenge will be repeated every month, so if you’re keeping up with them you’ll have a dozen published works for sale by the end of the year.

Oh, and keep us informed as to how well your book is selling. Even one sale is one more than you’ll have if you leave it languishing on your computer!

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A former vampire logistics facilitator, past purveyor of Italian-style transportation, and Y2K disaster preventer, I'm currently creating websites, novels and other fictions while reinventing myself. Again.
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