Introducing the 1000-Words-A-Week Challenge

Keeping momentum is one of the challenges we face as those who write for pleasure on top of already chaotic lives. Many of us are able to whip out 50,000 words in November, but struggle for the rest of the year.

This describes me to a T.

Thus enters the 1000-Words-A-Week Challenge

Write 1000 words a week. In November, we do that and more every day.

1000 words a week. The way I see it, that’s 200 words a day for five days. Hey! Weekends off!

1000 words a week is 52000 words a year. That’s the majority of a novel. And, if you manage to get 50k in for NaNoWriMo, that’s a whole novel, plus some.

The challenge:

Write 1000 words a week – anything you want. Blogs, poetry, scripts, fiction, non-fiction.

Check in weekly, here on this blog and/or on the RocNaNo Facebook group.

The week runs from Tuesday to Monday – which means you can catch up on the weekend, and forget to check-in on Monday because… Monday.

The first week starts tomorrow, Tuesday May 5. Look for a check-in post here in the morning!


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