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Originally an Education major, I am trained in teaching others to read and write. I would love an opportunity to constructively critique others as well as allow others to critique me. I am fully aware that my writing isn't quite fantastic, yet, and I need as much feedback as I can get! I love sharing my knowledge, and will never hesitate to do so when asked.

The Witch of Davis Manor

The following is the rough of my short story, The Witch of Dixon Manor. I keep switching between Davis and Dixon, and I don’t know which one is in the story. So just keep in mind that they’re one in … Continue reading

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Scarlet Fuchsia

This is a poem I wrote for my college class. I’m not sure if it’s any good or not. So if any of you are poets, take it apart and let me know what you think. Some of you know … Continue reading

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Inanimate Object Writing Prompt

I have a writing prompt for y’all! It’s a short prompt that could lead to anything. Ready? Write in the point of view of an inanimate object. Any inanimate object. That you own, that you don’t own, whatever. Imagine it’s … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Loved the Snow

This is a piece I wrote in college about my dog that passed away my senior year of high school. He had been in my family since I was five years old. So, when he passed, it was hard. Especially … Continue reading

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