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How to Pick a Pen Name

A light-hearted approach to creating names for your characters that includes links to online name creation resources and suggestions for just winging it. Continue reading

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Climbing the Mountain–Inspirational Christian Poetry

Life was never meant to be easy…but there is help and hope for those times when you feel like you just can’t climb any more. Continue reading

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Bless the Bitter Night: Poems about Failed Love in the Modern World

BLESS THE BITTER NIGHT is a collection of eighteen poems about failed love in the modern world. Continue reading

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How to Add Your eBook to This Blog

This is a departure from our usual posts in that I’m going to get all geeky and technical. If you’re not a member of RocNaNo you might as well go read something else, because none of this will have anything … Continue reading

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Magic Touch

An engineer is infected with magic and must survive a hidden war where he is the prize. Continue reading

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