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The Witch of Davis Manor

The following is the rough of my short story, The Witch of Dixon Manor. I keep switching between Davis and Dixon, and I don’t know which one is in the story. So just keep in mind that they’re one in … Continue reading

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A Promised Snippet

As I promised, I would provide a scene with my newly discovered characters for my new story. I’m not sure if this scene will actually be in my story, but I guess we’ll see. Just so you know, the point … Continue reading

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Undercover Characters

Lately I’ve been formulating an idea for a science fiction story that one day popped into my head while I was watching Doctor Who. When I told my manager and my editor about the idea that I had, they were … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Loved the Snow

This is a piece I wrote in college about my dog that passed away my senior year of high school. He had been in my family since I was five years old. So, when he passed, it was hard. Especially … Continue reading

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