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How to Pick a Pen Name

A light-hearted approach to creating names for your characters that includes links to online name creation resources and suggestions for just winging it. Continue reading

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The Eight-Hour Self-publishing Challenge

Can you go from blank page to published book in eight hours? Can you? That’s the challenge raised by Joe Konrath in his blog post A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by Tim Myers. The article starts with a guest … Continue reading

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*Insert Name Here*

“Hey, it’s me. Again. Who am I? I’m your main character. You know, the one you haven’t given a name? Yeah, that’s me. Oh, yeah, and the antagonist is pretty pissed, too; and I think the minors are all creating … Continue reading

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The Writing Café

I have very recently come into the fascinating world that is Tumblr and all of the magical bits it has to offer.  A good friend of mine (who is much more savvy in the Tumblrverse) sent me a link to … Continue reading

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Puzzles, Words, and Things

You know what I’ve realized lately? Is that despite the fact that our fictional stories are well, fictional, they still need to make logical sense. Everything in the story needs a reason that makes sense. It may not make sense … Continue reading

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